First day in HK Exhibition,Smart Wearable devices still hot

2016-10-18 23:12:39 Futerl 242

It is the first day of the exhibition in HK today at the Asia-world expo,wearable device is still hot!

Smart Adults Watches,GPS Tracking Watches,Smart Bracelet,VR/AR and some other related products,Some buyers are deeply impressed by these kind of new product,especially for medical and health industrial,Nowadays,more and more people cares more their health including sports monitoring,sleep monitoring or even heart rate testing and blood pressure testing.For some young people,they use it for step or sleep,they can monitor all the sports data even in the past 15 day,these devices will remind you if you are lack of exersise.

Also kids watches are also welcomed,lots of kids are kidnapped,or geting lost,all these accidents remind the parents to care more about their kids,but they can not always be with their kids,if the kids had the accident,they can not help them at their first time.So kids tracking watches can help a lot.When kids got lost,can not find the way home,parents can call the kids or track the location of them,it is a good way to reduce the accident.When the kids get out of the safety area,parent will receive an notification from the watch,then parent can stop the kids imedidately.

We are also waiting you here,at our booth you can try more interesting devices.

Booth number :7P15



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