Sales Engineer

1970-01-01 08:00:00 Shenzhen 10

rn Main Responsibilities: 
rn 职位职责 
rn 1. Developing new customers in electronics manufacturing industry; 
rn 在电子产品制造领域开发新客户; 
rn 2. Providing customers with product information to assist them in purchasing; 
rn 在客户的采购过程中,为客户提供相应的产品讯息以支持客户的供应链环节; 
rn 3. Taking in charge of quotation, negotiation and seal the deal; 
rn 负责为客户报价、议价以及追踪完成整个案子; 
rn 4. Maintaining good business relationships with our clients and extend business opportunities 
rn 与客户及潜在客户维持良好的关系。 
rn Job Requirement: 
rn 任职要求: 
rn 1. College degree or above; preferably major in Marketing, Electronic Engineering, or International Trade. 
rn 大专或大专以上学历,市场营销、电子工程或国际贸易专业优先。 
rn 2.Enjoying the electronic industry, warm ,cheerful, aspirant and hard-working. 
rn 热爱电子行业,热情开朗,有进取心,能吃苦。 
rn 3.Outstanding communication and coordination skills,good team spirit and excellent English ability. 
rn 具有良好的沟通和协调能力,富有团队合作精神,英语熟练。 
rn 4. Familiar with Microsoft Office, preferable along with good presentation skills 
rn 熟练掌握并运用办公软件,并配以演讲技巧。 
rn 5. 1-3 years of job experience . 
rn 1-3年工作经验